VANNINI DENTAL INDUSTRY S.r.l. was founded in 1985, as the natural expansion of a manufacturing activity in dental equipment and materials, started with pioneering spirit in the period following the 2nd world war.

Subsequently, VANNINI DENTAL INDUSTRY specialised in the design and manufacturing of technologically innovative materials for the highest quality dental impressions, required by dentists and Dental Technicians around the world. The primary objective of the company is to continuously improve the quality level of the products, through a scrupulous quality control achieved thanks to state-of-the-art technological instruments.

Continuous research ensures the safety and quality level of this brand, which is well known and appreciated internationally.

The Quality System used by VANNINI DENTAL INDUSTRY is in accordance with the standards prescribed by the current European Normatives, useful instruments for the further improvement of company processes, aimed at achieving an increasingly better market competitiveness and maximum customer satisfaction.

The products manufactured by VANNINI DENTAL INDUSTRY are present in 70 countries, thanks to the efficient cooperation of business partners situated in the various areas, who guarantee service at a professional level. This appreciation and customer satisfaction provides VANNINI DENTAL INDUSTRY with the stimulus to continue research into technological innovation while focusing on market requirements.

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Kromaltropic alginate for high precision and elasticity dental impressions, with an innovative formula for tropical climate and three chromatic indicator phases: red, orange, yellow. Mango flavor. It has an extra fine and fluent consistency, short working and setting times, optimum gypsum compatibility, thixotropic, dust free, great elastic recovery, gluten free. The product allows the easy removal of the impression without deformations.

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Prestige VDX 5:1 putty implant

Prestige VDX 5:1 Putty is a high precision impression material on polyvinylsiloxane basis addition-curing, ideally suited for impressions in implant prosthesis, Prestige VDX 5:1 Putty detects the exact three-dimensional position of the implant and peri-implant tissues, firmly incorporating the transfer.

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Prestige VDG-Mask

Prestige VDG-MASK – Rigid is an A-Curing silicone on vinylpolysiloxane basis developed for the reproduction of high-precision gingival masks.

  • Enables a precise definition range
  • Elevated accuracy and dimensional stability.
  • Great fluidity
  • Highly thixotropic
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    Prestige VDX 5:1 Putty Soft

    Prestige VDX 5:1 Putty Soft is a high precision Addition silicone on polyvinylsiloxane basis, to be used with automatic mixers. The product is ideally suited for putty wash and two-step impression procedures. Prestige VDX 5:1 Putty Soft can be used with almost all commercially available A-silicone wash materials. Prestige VDX 5:1 Putty Soft can be mixed fully automatically, quickly, homogenously and bubble-free in all modern mixers. The 5:1 full cartridges are suitable to be used with the following devices: Pentamix®, Pentamix® 2, Plug & Press® Dispenser, MixStar.

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    Prestige Hydrolight

    Prestige HydroLight – Low viscosity hyper-hydrophilic vinyl polysiloxane recommended for use in conjunction with a Putty or a Heavy Body material in the two-stage (double impression*) or single-stage (simultaneous) technique. The extraordinary hydrophilicity of Prestige HydroLight is able to displace the fluids allowing the material to flow into the smallest details, reproducing impression margins with highest precision. *When using Prestige HydroLight in the two-stage (double impression) technique, we recommend to place a polythene spacer sheet on the putty during the first stage of impression taking to improve detail quality in the next stage.

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