Kit of condensation silicones and accessories, destined to students and promotional activities.


  • Protesil Putty base 200 ml
  • Protesil Light 40 ml
  • Protesil catalyst gel 60 ml
  • Mixing pad
  • Instructions for use
  • Dosage spoon

Standard Packaging

Product Code/ Description
056217- 200 ml Protesil Putty, 40 ml Protesil Light, 60 ml catalyst gel, mixing pad, dosage spoon.

Kit containing the complete set of condensation silicone Protesil Putty + Protesil light + catalyst + spoon. Specially studied for students or trial use ...

Safety data sheet
Protesil mini kit: look Protesil putty, Protesil light and Protesil catalyst gel