System specifically designed for taking high precision impressions in the production of mobile dentures Applying the traditional systems of denture´s elaboration , a perfect result can be achieved using Superform anatomical impression holders, equipped with tubercles behind the upper and lower molars to facilitate correct pressure on the gums, which is very important for a perfect fit of the dentures.


Technical features:

  • Material: Reusable polycarbonate that can be sterilised in a steam autoclave at 140°C
  • Dotted surface
  • Stabilizing projections
  • The careful design takes into consideration the anatomical details of the gum arch
  • Each tray is hand finished and individually checked
Kit containing:

  • 13 lower moulds for edentulous mouths
  • 7 upper moulds for edentulous mouths
  • 4 moulds for partially edentulous mouths
  • 1 steel compass for making measurements

Standard Packaging

Product Code/ Description
101025 - 24 polycarbonate trays + 1 steel calliper

SUPERFORM TRAY SYSTEM COLOR - Reusable impression trays in polycarbonate for edentulous and partially edentulous mouths ...

Material Safety Data Sheet - Revision date: 05/07/2010 ...