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Veracril Heat Curing

Veracril Heat Curing

Gingival shades
Veracril® Heat-curing acrylic is an acrylic resin (polymer) in different tones of pink color and transparent, used for the reparation and elaboration of base plate, individual trays and orthodontic and orthopedic appliances. To be mixed with Veracril® Heat curing Monomer. This resin needs thermal energy to polymerize and is highly resistant to fractures. It allows an easy cutting and polishing to recuperate its original gloss. The product delivers dimensional stability and is easy handling.
Technical data
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Veracril Heat Curing

Cod. 156203 Plastic Jar 500 gr. - PINK  VEINED DARK (colour 36V)
Cod. 156303 Plastic Jar 500 gr. - PINK  VEINED LIGHT (colour 37V)
Cod. 156403 Plastic Jar 500 gr. - PINK  PLAIN DARK (colour 36N)
Cod. 156503 Plastic Jar 500 gr. - PINK  PLAIN LIGHT (colour 37N)
Cod. 156603 Plastic Jar 500 gr. - CLEAR
Cod. 156701 Bottle of 250 ml - HEAT CURING LIQUID  

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